2016 IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP 2016)

21-23 September 2016, Montreal, Canada

Panel on Augmented and Virtual Reality

On Friday September 23rd, from 4:40pm to 5:40pm, MMSP 2016 will feature a panel on AR/VR.

The following panelists have been confirmed:

Bertrand Nepveu (Founder/CEO of VRVANA): Hardcore gamer since Donkey Kong on the Coleco Vision. Tried the PowerGlove on the NES and has been obsessed with VR since then. Early adopter, he started Vrvana in 2005 to improve his gaming experience so that he can now be inside the games. Engineer and geek at heart, he gathered the best and brightest in Montreal to realize his long time dream of creating the ultimate Mixed Reality headset.

Harold Dumur (Founder/CTO of OVA): Highly experienced in the development of technological environments, specifically simulation and immersive environments, Harold Dumur is the project proponent and team leader for the development of OVA’s platform, StellarX. StellarX brings the creation, editing and management of VR/AR content to more users than ever before—with security, defense and engineering being the current key industries adopting this kind of technology. Users can quickly create environments themselves and then test them in real-time. It's like the WordPress of virtual and augmented reality.  

Vander Caballero (Founder/CEO Minority Media Inc.): Established himself as a leading figure in Canadian video game innovation during his time at Electronic Arts (EA), having been named design director at EA Montreal immediately upon the studio’s opening in 2004. In 2010, he left the company to pursue an independent career where he could explore new directions in game concept and design, particularly the development and application of emotional mechanics for meaningful gameplay. He is currently Creative Director of Minority’s first VR game - Time Machine VR, released in mid-2016 for Rift and Vive. Time Machine VR is an exploration adventure game about time travel, prehistoric creatures, and human extinction.

Philip A. Chou (Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research): Received a BSE from Princeton, MS from Berkeley, and PhD from Stanford. He was a Member of Technical Staff both at AT&T Bell Laboratories and the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.  He was Affiliate Faculty at Stanford University, the University of Washington, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  He was Manager at the startup VXtreme (later acquired by Microsoft) where led the compression team for the first commercial video on demand over the Internet. Key ideas in video compression today have come from his work, including rate-distortion optimization, multiple reference frame coding, tree-structured coding, and multiple bit rate streaming. 


Paul Kruszewski (CEO at WRNCH): Has been hustling and hacking in visual computing since he was 12 when he leveraged a $250 livestock sale into a $1000 TRS-80 Color Computer. Soon after he wrote his fist video game. Paul went on to obtain a PhD in the probabilistic algorithmic analysis from McGill University. In 2000, he founded AI.implant and developed the world’s first real-time navigation middleware for 3D humans. In 2007, he founded GRIP and developed the world’s first brain authoring system for video game characters. In 2014, he founded wrnch to democratize AR technology.


Jeremy Cooperstock (Associate Professor at McGill University): Directs the Shared Reality Lab at McGill University, which focuses on computer mediation to facilitate high-fidelity human communication and the synthesis of perceptually engaging, multimodal, immersive environments. He led the development of the Intelligent Classroom, the world's first Internet streaming demonstrations of Dolby Digital 5.1, multiple simultaneous streams of uncompressed high-definition video, a high-fidelity orchestra rehearsal simulator, and a simulation environment that renders graphic, audio, and vibrotactile effects in response to footsteps. He was a visiting professor at Bang & Olufsen, Denmark, where he conducted research on telepresence technologies as part of the World Opera Project.